Biggest Surprise Ever!

This is probably the most anticipated blog post I think I’ve ever written!! I can’t even begin to tell you all how hard it has been to keep this secret the last couple of months, and I’m so excited and also overly emotional that I can finally announce that I am pregnant. Kyle and I are expecting our first baby in November!  I’ve been busting at the seams figuratively and literally (I’m starting to look as if I ate a couple too many late night pizzas) to tell the world this news!! 


This is an announcement that I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little girl. I spent more time playing “mommy” and carrying around my dolls than I ever did outside as a kid, and all I ever wanted to do was spend time holding babies.  I’ve shared with you all previously that getting pregnant wasn’t something that I ever anticipated would be difficult, however it definitely didn’t happen as easily as I had thought it would. We have prayed and prayed for this baby and we are overjoyed that God has blessed us with this life growing inside of me. It's so surreal, and I just can't even believe there is a little baby the size of a lemon moving all around in there. 

We told our families and some of our dearest friends several weeks ago, and I think we have all been gushing with excitement ever since! The first trimester is coming to a close so very soon and I am very hopeful for some of that second trimester energy I’ve been hearing about.  And I’m hoping maybe to not feel sick so often (although Praise God I haven’t actually gotten sick very much!). This has been such a sweet couple of months for us just praying, planning, wondering what this baby will look like, will it be a boy or a girl, thinking about names, and thanking God and His goodness towards us. It’s also been a sweet time where all I can think about eating is cereal and ice cream, and I’ve had to give myself grace while I’ve lacked a lot of motivation to do the things that I normally love to do, one of which is working out. I’ll share more about this later I’m sure!

It is not lost on me that for some of you this post is not easy to read. I know that over the last year and some months I struggled with seeing pregnancy posts and announcements and wanting so bad for that to be me. As excited as I was for friends and family and how God was working in their lives, there were moments of fear, anxiety, envy and even bitterness that would build up. Our family and our community here have walked through the most exciting highs and then also some of the lowest lows as we lost our baby’s cousin (and Kyle & I’s niece or nephew) in the last several weeks. We are sensitive to the fact that the longing in some hearts for a child is so deep and the waiting has been long and maybe even made you feel weary and alone. Please know that we love you, we are praying expectantly for God to perform miracles, and we are wanting to walk in fellowship with you through this journey and that you are not alone. Our heart behind Simply Sisters Co is to share what God is doing in our lives, and so we will be posting pregnancy updates on occasion, if that is hard for you, it’s okay if you need to take a break from following us for a couple months. I do pray that our story will give you HOPE, and I will continue to ask God to answer the prayers of my sweet sisters that are in the wait for their miracle.

Thank you all so much for celebrating with us in this news!! Kyle and I are so grateful for your love, support and for your prayers over the next couple of months as we anxiously wait for our baby to be here in our arms!