Thanksgiving Meal Cookbooks & Resources

While we both may or may not have our Christmas trees up, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still so excited for Thanksgiving next week! Last year, my parents had sold their house and were in an apartment while their new house was being built so we hosted Thanksgiving at our house. It was honestly so much fun!

This year, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family on Wednesday, Trey’s family on Thursday, and some of our friends on Friday! While I won’t be planning a whole Thanksgiving dinner on my own, I will definitely be helping my mom cook & will have to plan a little ahead for the potluck dinner on Thursday since I have so many dietary requirements.

A lot of the dishes that we make at my family’s Thanksgiving are the same year after year, but we always like to add in a few new things here & there! Here are a few of my favorite cookbooks & blogs that I use to create Thanksgiving dishes…

Against All Grain Celebrations.jpg

I love all of Against All Grain’s recipes! She has quite a few on her blog & even more in her three (almost four) cookbooks. Her third cookbook, Celebrations has Paleo friendly recipes for each and every holiday & we have made many of these recipes! They are all so good. If you happen to have special dietary needs or are just trying to stay on track with your clean heating during the holidays, this is an amazing resource.

Southern Living November 2018.jpg

You truly can’t ever go wrong with Southern Living’s recipes. No one does comfort food or holiday food like the South. Obviously I can’t have a lot of the recipes that are found in the magazine, but I love to play around with them and use substitutes to get as close to the real thing as possible! Along these same lines is The Pioneer Woman. We made her Macaroni & Cheese last year (we made it gluten free of course!) and it was SO good. I may have to sneak just a couple bites of dairy and enjoy it again this year!

Once you’ve landed on the recipes you are going to make, I love to use Day Designer’s Holiday Menu Planner & Grocery List to try to keep things organized!

Are you hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? Already overwhelmed with figuring out your cooking schedule and making sure you have enough bakeware to pull it all off? I know I was there. I’m not type A by nature and organization doesn’t always come naturally to me, however, I’m definitely motivated to be organized by avoiding stress and figuring out how to have the most fun and enjoyment out of the day. Last year, something that was really helpful for me was to take out all the bakeware that I thought I would need and to use sticky notes to label what each dish would be used for. You can also add the general time that you need to begin making that item! It can help keep everything in order!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes? What do you use to keep yourself organized? Tell us all your secrets below!