Suns Out Guns Out

The beautiful weather has finally arrived and it is “tank top” season (at least in Texas it is). I wanted to give you all a fun upper body series in the month of April.  This series will be all about strengthening those tank top arms #sunsoutgunsout. Hopefully these workouts will be an encouragement to you and give you some inspiration, and my goal is to keep them all super simple. I enjoy most of my workouts outside or from the comfort of my home so most of these workouts will be things you can do from your home or your backyard using dumbbells, body weight, or maybe even some resistance bands. There will be a different workout each week posted on the blog so you’ll definitely want to follow along. I’m a big fan of total body workouts, so a lot of these will be supplemental to your workout routine and can be added as an upper body finisher, burn out, or even as just a 15-30 minute workout you can do a couple times per week.

It’s important that you know that all of these workouts can meet you wherever you are at in your fitness journey, whether you have are just beginning to work out again or you are well into your fitness journey! My favorite thing about fitness is that it is for everyone, no one should feel excluded because they don’t feel as though they are “in shape” enough for a workout program or maybe that they need to “get in shape” before they try a new type of workout. Everyone starts somewhere and sometimes we all need a little bit of extra motivation. My hope and prayer is that these workouts allow you to feel proud of yourself and any progress that you’ll make over the next couple weeks!

Our first week we are going to start with some upper body supersets, which by definition is doing two exercises back to back with little to no rest. In this workout we will be doing supersets of antagonistic muscle groups, like biceps and triceps, or chest and back. We will be mixing in push and pull movements. You’ll love it, just trust me. Make sure you use weights that are challenging enough for you, if at the last couple reps of each set you aren’t feeling “the burn” it’s probably time to increase the weight.

Week 1

Wide to Narrow Bicep curls 10-12 reps

Tricep dips 15-20 reps

Complete 3 sets with no rest in between, rest for 30-60 sec after 3 sets then move on to the next round

Chest Press with a hip bridge 15-20 reps

Bent over rows 15-20 reps  

3 sets, then 60 sec of rest before moving to next round

Overhead Shoulder press 10-12 reps

Upright rows 12-15 reps

3 sets, then 60 sec of rest

Repeat 2x

You can always add some cardio here by taking a long lap in between each round, or adding in 60 sec of jump ropes between each round. 

Core/Shoulder burn finisher

30 second plank hold

20 reps ground rotations

30 seconds plank hold

20 reps shoulder taps

30 second plank hold

20 reps sexy spiders