Sticking With Your Goals During the Holidays

Holiday Cocktails

As we wrap up one year and begin to head into the next it seems like time almost flashes before our eyes. December starts and before you know it you’ve gone to 10 Christmas parties, celebrated with your family, and are getting ready to ring in the new year.  It’s a go-go-go get everything season where you are trying to find that perfect gift for your loved ones, trying to set the most beautiful table and serve up delicious food for your loved ones and in the midst of the crazy we forget about taking care of ourselves. The holidays can easily be a time where you neglect your health by not prioritizing time in your busy schedule for workouts and loading up on sugary Christmas cookies and treats. Let’s be honest, if I had it my way, cookies would be a major food group. I absolutely love Christmas cookies, but at the end of 2017 I want to feel good launching into the next year and feel encouraged knowing that I didn’t give up on my health and fitness goals just because the year was almost over!

As we are in the midst of the absolute best time of year, we wanted to give you some tips on how to finish the year strong. We have a little under a month left in 2017 and want to encourage you to end it in a way that will make you feel great about closing the book on this year and starting fresh in the new year. Whether you have been working hard all year to take care of your health or you have put yourself on the back burner, it is not too late to make a change and end 2017 on a high note.

Know what your goals are and write them down. You may have a few more pounds that you’d like to shed before December is over. Maybe you are looking to run a race early in the New Year. Have your goals written down in a place where you can see them and continue to be reminded of them.

Find someone to keep you accountable. I believe that the best way to stick to your goals is having accountability. If you know that you are going to be going on a marathon of holiday parties or cookie exchanges give yourself some accountability. Find someone to help you enjoy the food & drinks at all of the parties in moderation. It might be a spouse that will be with you at all of the parties, or maybe it is a friend you can text before & after the event… whatever it is, just find someone to help keep you on track!

Make the time for your workouts. Set aside even just 30 minutes to get either a run around your neighborhood or a short HIIT workout. Make the time by blocking out your workouts in your planner. You will feel so much better & enjoy the holidays so much more if you are taking the time to take care of yourself.

Reward yourself. That’s right! It is okay (and good!) to eat your favorite holiday treats or meals, but just remember to do it in moderation. If you attempt to completely deprive yourself of all of your favorite Christmas cookies, you are more likely to eat more than Mr. Claus himself. Another easy way to make your favorite Christmas treats align with your goals is by changing out some of the ingredients to make them a little healthier but still satisfy your sweet tooth! Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for a post next week that covers some healthy takes on holiday foods.

Think about 2018. While I want you to be present and enjoy every single second of December and this magical season, when you are feeling tempted to overeat or skip a workout, take a minute to think about how you want to feel going into 2018. Know that if you continue to stick to your health and fitness goals through the end of the year you are way more likely to start the New Year with confidence. Not to mention, you can reflect back on how you ended 2017 & be proud of yourself.

With that said, we thought you might need a little fun Christmas workout to put you in the spirit & help keep you motivated. We like to call this, “Jingle Bell Rock... my LEGS”. This would be a perfect leg burn out to close out your run or leg day!

You will turn on “Jingle Bell Rock” for the workout--there will be 3 sections of the song & each section will repeat twice.


Don't worry, you don't have to be this fast! We just wanted you to have an idea of what it will look like!

Part one:

Get yourself in a squat hold as soon as the song stars. Then, every time you hear the word “jingle”, do a squat, holding it at the bottom in a squat hold until you hear the next “jingle”.

Jingle bell, jingle bell

Jingle bell rock

Jingle bell swing

And jingle bells ring

Snowin' and blowin'

Up bushels of fun

Now the jingle hop has begun

Jingle bell, jingle bell

Jingle bell rock

Jingle bells chime in

Jingle bell time

Dancin' and prancin'

In jingle bell square

In the frosty air

Part two:

Take it into continuous lunges to the beat.

What a bright time

It's the right time

To rock the night away

Jingle bell, time

Is a swell time

To go glidin' in a

one horse sleigh

Part three:

Go right back into your squat hold, squatting on the word “jingle” again. Repeat Hold that squat hold until song is completely over.

Giddy-up, jingle horse

Pick up your feet

Jingle around the clock

Mix and mingle

In a jinglin' beat

That's the jingle bell rock

Now you are well on your way to Beyonce legs....