Spring Cleaning Challenge | Week Three

Last week’s challenge was a doozy with cleaning out a whole closet so we decided to keep this week’s a little less labor intensive. Your challenge this week is getting your email inbox under control! For you, that may mean getting to inbox zero or it may mean just deleting all the junk mail sitting in your inbox!

Inbox zero is something that I strive to maintain because a lot of my work is client-based and I can’t miss e-mails. Here are a few things that have helped me get to inbox zero:

  1. A label for everything! If I need to keep something or even think I may need it, I create a label for it and file it away. I have a gmail account and they make it so easy to file emails away as quickly as you respond to them.

  2. Unsubscribing. I unsubscribe from almost every mailing list I am added to unless it is something that I really want to receive and actually read. I decline giving my email whenever possible & a lot of times if I know I will be added to a list, I will give my old email address. I also love using unroll.me to unsubscribe all at once, just be careful not to unsubscribe from any emails you actually need -- I made this mistake once!

  3. Setting a time daily to go through your inbox. The first thing I do when I sit down in the morning before I start working or writing is to go through my emails. I will respond to, delete and file away what I can & then anything that requires more than 5 minutes or so of effort, I will write it as a to-do in my planner at some point during the next couple days.

Comment below with what your goal is for your inbox this week & share any tips that help you maintain your inbox! If you share on social media be sure to tag us & use the hashtag #SScospringcleaningchallenge so we can cheer you along in all of your hard work!