Spring Cleaning Challenge | Week One

It's almost spring! We're just a few weeks away from it officially being the spring season & we thought we could all use a little jump start on our spring cleaning. Over the month of March, we will be posting a spring cleaning challenge for each week to help us get our houses clean & organized after a long winter!

So, let's get started with the first challenge...

I cannot be the only person that lets my mail pile build up into a mountain of things needing to be trashed, filed, or shredded. Do you do this too? Maybe it's not just mail but also your kids' papers they bring home, receipts, etc. that somehow just find a way of compounding in a forgotten corner of your house. Well, this challenge is going to be two parts... 

  1. Tackle the mountain
  2. Prevent the mountain from returning

Tackle the mountain

So, you’ve got your mound of mail or papers. Now we just need to sort through it all & probably throw most of it away. Find a clear work space that won’t be disturbed, ideally a table or counter top. To begin the process of sorting, take three post-it notes and label them, “To File”, “To Shred”, and “To Do” and spread them out across your workspace. Then, pull up a trash can or recycling bin. You don’t need a label for that because you can just literally throw as you go.

Once you’re all set up, start sorting. If it’s something that you need to hold on to, put it in the “to file” pile. If it is something with your personal information on it, put it in the “to shred” pile (or if you have a shredder, just go ahead and shred as you go). And, if it’s something you need to do something with, put it into the “To Do” pile.

After you’ve got everything sorted, get everything filed & done. Go ahead and knock it all out so then you don’t have a pile still waiting on you to take the next steps.

Bonus: If you have the time, I would also go through your filing cabinet or system and get out the stuff you need for taxes & get rid of all of the stuff you don’t need anymore. Your water bill from two years ago? You don’t need it. Get rid of it!

Prevent the mountain from returning

Now that we have conquered the mountain of mail & papers sitting on your desk or counter top, we don’t want it to return. So, there are a few things that we can do to keep that from happening.

  1. Figure out the best time of the day for you to check your mail. Don’t start opening it unless you are ready and able to knock off whatever is in the envelopes.

  2. Go online and set all of your bills to be auto-pay and delivered online. Once you’ve done this, create a folder in your inbox for your bills to be sorted to. This will keep everything in one spot if you ever need to reference back & it eliminates clutter around your house.

  3. Unsubscribe from catalogs or mailers that you do not want to receive. Usually you can find a phone number or web address on the back of catalogs that you don’t want to receive.

  4. Make sure that you have an easy to use filing system that you can quickly file away any papers that you may need to hold on to.

I hope this little challenge leaves you feeling less cluttered and prepared to stay that way! Take a picture to document your process and be sure to tag us and use #SSCOspringcleaningchallenge so we can cheer you on!