Sarah's 2017 Highlights

We are over halfway through January now and the year is already off to such an amazing start. I've been planning and dreaming and praying over this year and I can't forget to pray and thank the Lord for His goodness to me in 2017.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite moments from 2017 and reflect on some incredible gifts from God and some pretty amazing experiences.  I hope you'll read through some of my highlights and maybe make a little highlight reel of your own! 

Bringing home Gus January


When Kyle and I first got married I begged him for a puppy in our 700 sqft third story apartment, but being the rational one, he kept telling me that we should wait until we moved into a house with a yard. We moved into our home in December of 2016, and in January, one month after moving in I got an itch while Kyle was out of town to look up available litters of goldendoodles and into the scene came “Hulk” a goldendoodle in Ardmore, OK. I begged Kyle, got him to say “yes”, drove up to Oklahoma the next day and brought home our fluffy goldendoodle, Gus. The past year has been such a blast with him and we couldn’t love him (all 80 lbs of him) any more!

Watching my campers compete in CG Games  


Camp Gladiator puts on an annual CG Games for athletes to compete in events consisting of endurance, agility, strength, and speed. It is an incredible event and experience for athletes and judges alike. This year I was a judge and was able to encourage and cheer for hundreds of athletes. It was an amazing experience watching athletes conquer very challenging events and push past their comfort zones, next year I will definitely be competing! If you’re looking for an event to challenge yourself physically in 2018 I highly recommend competing in CG Games!

PRN Nursing and full time training


This year I set a goal to manage my time more wisely and spend more time doing the things that I love. In August, I was able to make training for Camp Gladiator more of my full-time career and I could not be more thankful. I am now able to train 5 days a week, but I am still spending more time with family and friends and able to invest more doing the things to grow my business and to grow in the things that fill me up.



My mom’s dream as long as I can remember was to go on an Alaskan cruise and this year we finally made it happen. My mom turned 60 this year and we made it to Alaska the month before her birthday. The trip was a blast and Alaska is every bit as beautiful as you would think. My favorite thing was the whale watching tour in Juneau. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to be so close to these huge animals, and it was also super informative. Oh, and ziplining upside down in the rainforest in Skagway, AK was pretty amazing too! Kyle and I can’t wait to go back and go inland next time! We also loved exploring Seattle the day before we boarded the ship, it was such a fun city!

Camp Well at Lost Valley Ranch


I can’t fully describe my experience at Camp Well Summit in just a few sentences, but I’ll just say this that, Camp Well was probably the highlight of my 2017. Ashley and I both came back from Camp Well feeling fully equipped by God to launch this blog and with a new support system of other dreamers and doers like us.  I felt completely wrapped up by the abundant love and goodness of God. I made new friendships, and listened to stories of women which have strengthened my faith and revealed how God truly does bring beauty through ashes.  I can’t wait to share with you more about our experience at Camp Well soon.

ATX with Allie-Brooke


My best friend, Allie-Brooke, flew into Austin for work from San Francisco this November. We get to see each other around once a year, and this year Austin was a perfect weekend trip and time to catch up. We stayed in the cutest tiny house airbnb. To start off the weekend, we took a dip into Barton Springs’ natural spring pool, we ate the best breakfast tacos in Austin, and we celebrated the anniversary of Wildsam Field Guides.  I highly recommend checking the out their field guides before your next vacation to explore a new city!

Launching the blog


We had been seriously, consistently working on the blog since August 2017, and it had been an idea we had been throwing around for months before that. It was so sweet being able to finally share with the world all the hard work we had been putting into it this past December. Since we launched the blog I have had so much fun and I am loving learning more and more about blogging.

Camp Gladiator NEXT Conference


There’s nothing I love more than being surrounded by hundreds of high energy, encouraging people who are all running on the same mission. Camp Gladiator has as annual winter conference called NEXT that was hosted at the beautiful Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Cedar Creek, TX. At this conference we are all updates on new things rolling out for the next year as well as learn from experts in the training world.  This year we were able to hear from the incredible Kerry Walsh Jennings, our keynote speaker, and she was just as inspiring in person as she is competing in the Olympics. The resort was beautiful and I left feeling super expectant for a great year in 2018. My trainer team also brought home some really great awards, which was super fun to celebrate!

New York City at Christmas


We planned a mother daughter trip to NYC for Christmas this year and it was every bit as magical as you think. NYC is the most dreamy city during the holidays-- the decorations are beautiful and the shopping is every bit as fun and you’d think. This time we got to try some amazing restaurants recommended by friends and explore the city in a new way. We loved it! We wrote a post earlier this month about our trip to NYC, if you’re planning a trip in the future you should check out some of our recommendations!

Our First Christmas in our home


I got my very own Christmas tree this year (I'm allergic to the real thing, so beautiful artificial tree is a big deal to me)! I have always wanted to decorate a home for Christmas and this year was finally the year we got to make it happen. I got my tree and decorations at Decorator’s Warehouse in Arlington, TX, which I highly recommend checking it out if you are looking for beautiful decorations. It was very sweet to celebrate Christmas in our home this year and I can't wait to celebrate here for hopefully many years to come! 

2017 you were a good one, but I've got some pretty big plans for 2018 and I can't wait to see how that plays out. What are you most looking forward to this year?!