Healthy Holiday Eats

The holidays bring about all of our favorite things including family gatherings, cozy home decor, and Christmas cookies. At this point, we are well into the holiday season which means we are making our rounds at Christmas parties and starting to prep our Christmas menus. Obviously, you will have your fair share of wine, cheese, pies, and cookies this holiday season, but we wanted to share with you some healthier alternatives to some holiday foods that you’ll want to serve around your table, because eating healthy around the holidays shouldn’t deprive you of your favorite indulgences! We have included a Christmas side, a Christmas staple, a yummy Christmas treat, and a Christmas adult drink. We hope that these yummy recipes will be enjoyed in your home and around your table with your loved ones. 

Christmas Side
Is it just me or is Christmas all about the carbs? Don’t get me wrong we love our carbohydrates, but we love the idea of adding some vegetables to your Christmas plate to balance things out & add in some fun color to your plate. Here is a yummy Christmas side dish that balances itself out with some healthy carbohydrates and fat. 

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus. We recommend Pederson Farms bacon, it is Whole 30 approved, all natural, sugar free and free of nitrates, and did we mention delicious! You can find it at your local Tom Thumb, Whole Foods or Sprouts Market. 

Christmas Staple
A holiday dinner staple is cranberry sauce. Growing up, I’ll be honest we always passed around the canned holiday favorite and I always let it skip me, and yet always it was there because it’s a staple, it’s not a holiday meal without the cranberry sauce. Whether you grew up with the canned version or with the real deal, here is a recipe for a healthier holiday favorite with no refined sugars. Can we all just agree to save the refined sugars for the Christmas cookies that we all know we will be consuming?! We hope you will love this alternative and pass it around your table this year. 

Christmas Treat
We absolutely love cozying up after Christmas dinner or after playing around of reindeer games (post coming soon about what reindeer games are!) with hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. If we haven’t mentioned this before we are serious chocolate lovers! This recipe is dairy and refined sugar free, and I’ll just throw in there-- delicious! If you have a sweet tooth like we do, but don’t want to get too carried away, this is a great treat for you! 

Christmas Beverage
This one will leave you longing for a blizzard so that you’ll have no place to go and your warm fire with your family and friends. We definitely still encourage you to drink lots of water, and to remember that all treats have to be consumed in moderation because even healthy calories add up. Besides the red wine (we recommend a Cabernet Sauvignon), this yummy drink is full of natural ingredients that will be sure to warm you up when it’s cold outside (or when you want to pretend that it’s cold outside in Texas).  

We hope you enjoy some of these healthier takes on holiday eats! Do you have any favorite healthier alternatives to holiday meals? We would love to know what you and your family are cooking up this year!