Galentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is all fine and good. It is definitely not my favorite holiday, but it has grown on me a little bit throughout the years. All throughout high school, college, and even into adulthood, I was perpetually single on Valentine’s Day. There may have been a couple years in there that I had a boyfriend or something, but even still, it just wasn’t that exciting to me. I of course, don’t mind the fact that it’s an occasion that I will get a present (used to be from my mom, now it’s from Trey… hint, hint!), it’s just still not my favorite. But, Galentine’s Day… that is something I am definitely on board for.

In honor of our favorite politician, Leslie Knope, and of course, our amazing friends, we wanted to have a Galentine’s Day Brunch this year! It’s a time for just, as Leslie would say, “ladies celebrating ladies.”


In Parks & Rec, Leslie hosts Galentine’s Day brunch on February 13th, but we held ours on February 7th this year! And, if you are wanting to host your own, you still have the rest of February (or really just any month) to celebrate the beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk oxes in your life! (If you don’t watch Parks & Rec, you won’t get that last line. And we are no longer friends. Kidding… kind of.)

Here are a few photos from our party (with some links at the bottom)...