Fresh and Clean in 2018

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Cleaning the house has never been one of my favorite things. I remember trying to convince my parents when I was younger that having a messy room was just part of my personality. My dad still laughingly reminds me of that argument to this day. If you were wondering… it didn’t work, I still had to clean my room. (Although, I still maintain that it is true.) The only real motivation that I have for keeping my house clean now is that I absolutely love having people over at our house, and I am pretty positive they don't want to sit in my mess. 

When I started working from home earlier this year, I started to feel completely overwhelmed by trying to work full-time hours, keep the house clean, and get dinner on the table. There is just something about working from home that makes me feel like I should be able to do it all. Even if you don’t work from home, I think we all buy into that feeling that we should be able to balance everything perfectly.

I’m sure you can guess this, but I just couldn’t manage it all. At least I couldn’t and keep my sanity and get any amount of sleep. Enter our cleaning calendar...

My dear sweet husband, Trey, wanted to help but so often didn’t know what I was wanting to be done. (One of these days I am going to train him to read my mind, it just hasn’t happened yet.) I also was trying to figure out a way that I could divvy up tasks to be done throughout the week so that I didn’t have to spend hours on one day of the week cleaning the whole house.

We started by making a list of all of the chores that needed to be done every day and each week & then divided them up by days. Here is how we divided them up…

Every day tasks: make the bed, run the Roomba, dishes and keeping the kitchen generally clean

Monday: clean the bathrooms and vacuum the carpet (and any furniture that might need it due to our ever-shedding Australian Shepherd

Tuesday: dust and select one monthly chore

Wednesday: dry Swiffer and clean hardwood floors

Thursday: vacuum bedroom and office (the places the Aussie hangs out most often and thus gets covered in black fur) and select one monthly chore

Friday: wipe down cabinets and countertops and deep clean stove-top

Monthly tasks include: dusting/washing baseboards, clean appliances, wash windows, replace filters, etc.

Once we divided up the chores on to specific days, I found this cute, free printable from Day Designer that we taped to the inside of our pantry to help keep us a little organized!

Typically, we are not cleaning for more than 15-20 minutes a day and because Trey goes into work later in the day, we try to knock it out in the mornings before we really start our day. Of course we don’t always follow this perfectly, but when we do, our house stays more clean. I’ve noticed that the weeks that we are on top of the schedule, we are also more proactive in keeping things clean and organized -- we might put away our shoes instead of leaving them out, or go ahead and stick those dishes in the dishwasher, because we want to maintain our hard work and not let things get out of control again.

I hope that by sharing this, it helps you have a little less mess and a little more sanity in your life. Also, I hope that it makes cleaning a little more managable for those of you like me who are a little on the messier side. Happy cleaning!