Cinco de Paleo

As Texans, it's pretty much mandatory that we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Well, maybe it's not mandatory, but it's definitely a holiday that we love to celebrate. Let's face it, any excuse to eat our body weights in chips & salsa is great with us! Because I am following a Paleo diet, some of the "typical" things that I would indulge in to celebrate are no-gos. We know that many of you also follow a similar diet OR are just trying to find some healthier, more digestive friendly options, so we wanted to share some of our favorite items & recipes with you all.

Against All Grain's Paleo Margaritas

We make these margaritas on the regular & don't miss the old sugar-filled ones we used to grab at our favorite Mexican restaurants at all! They are not too sweet & are so very delicious.

Siete Chips

If you have followed us for any length of time, you know our obsession for Siete chips! Since I can't have corn, these are an amazing substitute and the closest thing that I've found to "real" tortilla chips. Just be careful... you can eat the bag in one sitting!

Siete Tortillas 

Again, we talk about these ALL the time, but that's because we just need our taco fix sometimes. My favorite tortillas are the Coconut & Cassava ones! When you heat them up on a skillet, it really takes them to the next level!

Mateo's Salsa

This has long been one of my favorite salsas & I remember my roommates and I used to go through a jar in one sitting because we just couldn't get enough! 

Against All Grain's Nacho Cheese

I haven't tried this yet, but I truly can't wait! I also have to be nut-free, or more specifically cashew-free, which is what the majority of vegan cheeses are made out of! I squealed when she rolled out this recipe this week!

Happy celebrating!