Ashley's 2017 Highlights

We’re a couple weeks into the New Year and over the past few weeks I have tried to take some time to reflect back on some of my favorite moments from 2017. For me, 2017 was a tough year in a lot of ways and it is really easy to remember some of the harder moments, but so much good happened in 2017 and I wanted to spend some time focusing on those. Here are just a few of the highlights from this year…

Colorado Ski Trip


Every year, or at least almost every year, we go with Trey’s family on a ski trip. I actually just got home two days ago from this year’s trip, but reflecting back on 2017, I definitely had to include last year’s trip on my highlights. The mountains are my happy place & I love the cold weather. The 2018 ski trip was the trip that I actually enjoyed skiing & if you follow us on Instagram, you saw me post about that, but on the 2017 ski trip, Trey accidently took me up the wrong lift and the only way to get down were blacks. It was pretty traumatic at the time, but I think helped me get over my fear in the long run! Even with the black run, the 2017 ski trip was definitely a highlight!

A new nephew!


Trey & I absolutely love being an aunt & uncle to our niece and nephews. We’re those annoying people who will show you pictures of them and convince you that they are way cuter than any kid you’ve ever seen (because they are). Last February, Trey’s sister had her third baby, Prescott, and we fell in love instantly. I cannot believe that in a little over a month he will be one-- we would really love for them to all stop growing up so fast!

Sparrow conference


I had heard about Sparrow Conference for a couple years, but it had never worked out for me to be able to go. This year, Sarah and I got a group of friends together to attend and it was just as incredible as I heard it would be. Sparrow exists to catalyze the next generation of reconcilers with their pillars being truth, freedom, identity, and purpose. The Lord taught all of us so much through the speakers at Sparrow Conference. This year’s conference will be April 13th-14th, to learn more about it or to purchase your tickets, click here.

Camp Well Spring & Fall


I had the privilege to get to attend Camp Well, not once but twice in 2017. There really is no way that I can summarize what the Lord has done in my life through Camp Well into a couple of sentences, but it was completely life-changing. For those of you not familiar with Camp Well, it is a four-day retreat for dreamers and doers. The team creates the most incredible space for you to shed all the distractions of everyday life and create an environment where you are able to reflect, refocus and reset the dreams God is stirring in your heart. All while being surrounded by the most amazing community of women. I walked away from Camp Well being reminded that the Lord sees me, He sees my dreams and desires, and He cares for me. I also walked away from both the spring and the fall with women who defend my dreams just as fiercely as they defend their own. Our friend, Melissa, wrote a beautiful post on Camp Well that you should definitely read. And then you should go sign up.

A new career path


Shortly after leaving the first Camp Well, I knew something had to give. I was commuting about three hours round-trip to my job and had little time in my life for anything else. My health was deteriorating, I was exhausted, and I felt like I didn’t have much of a life outside of driving, working, eating, and sleeping. However, we had just purchased our new house about 6 months prior and I didn’t really have any idea of what I would want to do or could do closer to home. But God. He stepped in and basically dropped some things into my lap to allow me the space to walk away from my job and to be able to take better care of myself over the past several months. It was hard walking away from colleagues that I loved working with, but was such a great moment and I love seeing the Lord’s provision through all of it.

Birthday trip to DC


For my 29th birthday, my husband Trey took me to Washington DC. I had always wanted to go to DC, but I really wanted to go after my best friend Brittany and her family moved from Texas to the DC area. I had so much fun getting to spend quality time with the Montgomerys and getting to see as many sights as we could possibly fit into our trip. I cannot wait to go back!

Staying at the Magnolia B&B



I never would have imagined that a trip to Waco, TX would have made my top moments of 2017, but that was prior to Fixer Upper coming on the scene. Somehow the Gaines family has made Waco into a tourist destination and I’m not mad about it. We were able to stay in the newest Magnolia B&B earlier this year and it was every bit as delightful as you would think. I am pretty sure I took about 30 photos in every room trying to remember every last detail so I could copy it in my own house. Marrying Trey meant marrying into a big family with lots of cousins close by, which is something I didn’t have growing up. Getting to spend a couple days in the most beautiful house ever with some of my now aunts, sisters, and cousins was just the best!

Celebrating the holidays in our new house



We moved into our new house at the very end of 2016, and while we were technically moved into our new house for that Christmas, we were still in boxes and didn’t know where anything was. In 2017, we got to host Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house and it was definitely a highlight of my year. I love having people at my house and I really love being able to celebrate with the people that I love. The entire time that we were building our house I would think of the parties and holidays we would be able to have in this home and I got to see those dreams come to fruition this year.

Launching Simply Sisters Collective


Of course I can’t leave off launching Simply Sisters Collective! There was so much time spent in 2017 planning, prepping, and praying for the launch of this blog. We had to walk out of a lot of fear and insecurity to step forward into this new adventure and I can say on the other side that it was totally worth it! We have loved getting to work on this project together. Thank you all so much for your love and support -- we have big dreams of where this blog could go & you are who make it possible!



If you didn’t catch our blog post on our trip to NYC, make sure and read it here! We had so much fun with our moms getting to explore one of our favorite cities during the most wonderful time of the year. We ate amazing food, had some incredible drinks, shopped a lot, and walked even more… it was one of those trips that you know that you will never forget!

What are some of your favorite moments from 2017? Leave a comment below, we would love to celebrate those moments with you!