4 Flowers That Can Take Handle Spring in TX

My dad grew up on a farm in Colorado & while I was growing up, we would go back to visit my grandparents (and extended family) every summer. One of my most distinctive memories of those trips would be walking through my grandparents’ yard just in awe of my grandma’s garden & flower beds. If you ever were at Betty Lou’s house, you couldn’t help but stop and admire that beauty that she cultivated in her yard.

If you’ve ever been to my parents’ house, especially in the spring & summer, you know that my dad learned a lot from my grandma and takes great pride in his yard and always seems to create the perfect little oasis for us all. You’ll be hard pressed to find a weekend day where my dad isn’t doing something in his yard to make it look even more beautiful. I always see a little bit of my grandma in him on those days!

While, I am a long, long, LONG way off from coming close to being the gardener that is anywhere close to the caliber of my grandma or my dad, I still love planting flowers. I’ve always loved it. This was the first year that Trey and I selected our flowers and did all the planting by ourselves, mostly because my dad was distracted by his own yard since they just moved into the most beautiful house & he needed to focus on his own yard. Sidenote: His yard is already perfect & they’ve been there less than a month. But, I don’t expect anything less from Craig.

It took a lot of phone calls back and forth with my dad to make sure that we were getting the right kind of flowers for our beds, but we did it! While I do have some knowledge of what to plan and what not to, I still get overwhelmed by all of the options & sometimes gets confused on which flowers are actually going to work well for my flowerbeds.

Here are four flowers that we planted this year (and that we also planted last year) that withstand the warm Texas spring & into summer! These are all flowers that do well in full sun because our beds all get direct sunlight at some point during the day! Hopefully you can get some of these beauties planted amidst the April showers so that you can enjoy the May flowers!

Stock flowers 








My grandma passed down a love of gardening, what did your grandparents pass down? Leave us a comment below!