30 Before 30

As of today March 23rd, I am 29! I'm not really sure in my head I feel any older than I did when I was 23, but somehow I've made it to the last year in my twenties and today I wanted to share with y'all my 30 before 30 bucket list.  I don’t know when I was first introduced to a 30 before 30 list, but from the time I heard it I knew it was something that I wanted to do. I am a goals person and I also have a healthy bit of competition in my blood, so I love having a list to tackle. I also have a love of spontaneity, whether it’s a spur of the moment day or weekend trip, or a spontaneous date night with Kyle where we try a new restaurant and try things on the menu that we wouldn’t normally order.  Experiences are the spice of life, and I am always wanting to soak up more. This can also be a fault because I want to be very intentional about living in the present moment and not constantly anticipating the next grand experience. But, for the sake of staying on track this year I am committing to 30 experiences over the next year before my 30th birthday.

If I had it my way every one of the things on this list would be a travel destination. Traveling is one of my absolute favorite things to do, and there are so many places that are on my bucket list, but trying to travel to 30 places in the year just doesn’t fit in the budget according to Kyle (and I agree). I want to soak up these experiences with people that I love and create lots of memories over the next year. This list seems a little overwhelming to be honest and I don’t want to feel disappointed if at the end of the year I’ve only accomplished half of them, instead I want to celebrate the things that I was able to do and I’m sure I’ll change my mind on some of these (nose piercing :)). Who knows what this next year will hold, but from the looks of this list I’ve got some fun plans…

  1. Go camping, even if it’s just in the backyard! Yes, somehow I've never really been camping.

  2. Host a backyard dinner party

  3. Go to an OU away game

  4. Unplug for a whole weekend

  5. Washington DC trip

  6. Hike a 14’er

  7. Host a Friendsgiving

  8. Take a cooking class

  9. Read 12 Books

  10. Get another tattoo (I have one, on the inside of my foot!)

  11. Read the Bible front to back - currently I’m doing the She Reads Truth year plan

  12. Run a race or compete in a fitness event like CG Games

  13. Face a fear (although I’m not completely certain what this will look like yet!)

  14. Go to another country

  15. Take a wine tasting class

  16. Get my nose pierced (sorry mom!)

  17. Make homemade pizza

  18. Do a major closet clean out and organization

  19. Take a self defense class

  20. Go see a movie alone

  21. Buy less stuff and gain more experiences

  22. Learn photography, and not just on my iphone

  23. Try indoor rock climbing, I'm pretty scared of heights!

  24. Mail handwritten notes monthly

  25. Pay it forward and pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant

  26. Break a habit -- for this one, I’m going to stop picking my split ends

  27. Make a specialty cocktail

  28. Treat myself to a spa day

  29. Learn how to do my makeup, I've always wanted to learn what this whole contouring thing is all about! 

  30. Have a sleepover with girlfriends (The Royal Wedding is coming up ladies!)

I hope to be able to document some of these experiences here on the blog, and I'm super excited for all that 29 has in store! Thank you all for your love and support!