10 Things You Might Not Know About Kyle


Kyle always says that he never understands why we didn't create a Simply Brothers Co blog. He is convinced that Trey and himself would have more subscribers than we do, so I decided to let him share a little bit about himself today. We are sharing 10 thing you may not know about Kyle today, and if you didn't already know our story Kyle and Ashley are brother and sister, and Kyle is married to Sarah! 

1.    You will commonly find me hittin’ the dougie. I believe this video perfectly embodies who I will be as a dad to Conley. I can't wait to teach our little girl to dance. 

2.   I love my wife and we love ice cream more than most things.

3.    I love golf. I believe I am now better at golf than Trey.

4.    I am a perfectionist at heart. I'm a one on the Enneagram. 

5.    My drink of choice is either coca-cola or Cabernet Sauvignon.

6.    If I only had one meal left on this earth it would be a #2 spicy meal with a coke from Chick-fil-a.

7.    My dream job other than my current one is to be a sports talk radio host. 

8.    I love to play board games. Or any game for that matter. I can beat anyone at Settlers of Catan. 

9.    I am competitive and do not like losing.

10.  When I grow up I want to play in the NBA. @MarkCuban, give me a shout.