Favorite Paleo Brands

Many of you reading this right now started out 2018 with intentions to eat healthier. Your motivations behind it might have been to lose weight or, if you are like me, you may have been changing your diet in order to feel better. My close friends and family know that I have been on quite the journey health-wise over the years and because of some more recent discoveries by a new physician (more on that next week), I am in the process of trying to figure out what in my diet is negatively impacting my health, which has lead me to a paleo diet. I can remember from when I first went gluten free that it is super overwhelming to make substantial diet changes. The first few times I went to the grocery store back then, I would leave in tears having bought nothing. Fortunately, things have changed drastically over the last nine years, but it is still hard to know where to even begin.

In an effort to help you in your desire to eat healthier & make better choices for your body, I wanted to share some of our favorite paleo friendly brands. I hope that this list will at least give you some great options or alternatives for things that you miss or are having a difficult time figuring out how to replace.

Malk Almond Milk


I love Malk’s Almond Milk because there are no additives. The ingredients in the regular unsweetened one are organic almonds, Himalayan salt, and filtered water. That’s it. No fillers or gums or anything sneaky! All of the flavors are great, but I use the unsweetened one the most for smoothies, baking, and cooking.



I could live off of RxBars, they are SO good! As far as healthy protein bars go, this tops the list because the ingredients are all on the label and there are no surprise ingredients. My very favorite flavor is the Chocolate Sea Salt -- be prepared to get addicted.

Siete Grain Free Tortillas & Chips

Siete Tortillas.png

I am a Texas girl through and through… I gave up gluten years ago, but was thankful to still have corn tortillas and chips to hold me over. However, now that I’ve cut out corn, I don’t know if I could survive without Siete’s products. They are yummy enough to eat even if you can eat corn! Also, they are a family company and I love their story!

Vital Proteins


Collagen Peptides seem to be everywhere right now & for good reason -- they enhance hair, skin, and nails, improve digestion, and boost joint health, which are all things that my auto-immune diseases impact. I drink Collagen Peptides in my protein shake or hot tea in the morning!

Guitless Goodies Skinny Donuts


These Paleo-friendly donuts are the best I have had since going gluten free ten years ago. They are chocolate goodness that are grain, gluten, yeast and dairy-free & I love them so much! Seriously so so so good!

Primal Kitchen’s Mayos & Dressings

primal kitchen mayo.jpeg

One of the hardest things about eating Paleo is that you cannot typically eat traditional sauces, dressings, and condiments. There are so many sneaky ingredients hiding in the stuff that we use every day. Primal Kitchen has some amazing clean dressings & mayos. I love their mayo especially-- it’s basically what I would make at home, but often don’t want to take the time to make, plus it stays better longer than homemade mayo!

Tessemae’s All Natural Spreads, Dressings, and Marinades


I found Tessemae’s about a year ago and have loved all of their stuff ever since! First of all, their website makes it super easy to shop based on your dietary needs (gluten free, whole 30, paleo, vegan, etc.) and I am all about that! Second, everything I have tried has been good. Their Lemon Garlic marinade is my favorite thing to use on chicken -- it tastes SO delicious.