Reindeer Games Update

It’s time for a little Reindeer Games update! If you’ve been following us since we launched last year then you are familiar with this family tradition, but if you want to learn more about what exactly Reindeer Games are and how it all works, you can find that post here!

We haven’t gotten totally in the thick of the games yet & things can change at a moment’s notice, but here are the games that we’ve played so far and the scoring from each!

March Madness

Every year, our family does March Madness brackets and they count toward the following year’s Reindeer Games scores! It’s a nice way to keep the competition going year-round! Here’s how everyone did this year…

1st place: Trey - 6 points

2nd place: Dad - 5 points

3rd place: Ashley - 4 points

4th place: Kyle - 3 points

5th place: Sarah - 2 points

6th place: Mom - 1 point

Down Force

Kyle’s game this year was Down Force, which is a new (to us) game that our friends Nicole and Collin introduced us to! It is so much fun, is pretty easy to learn, and we love the fact that your race card doesn’t actually have to win in order for you to win -- although it definitely helps! We played three rounds of the game, added up all of our “winnings”, and here’s the winner’s circle…

1st place: Kyle - 6 points

2nd place: Ashley - 5 points

3rd place: Sarah - 4 points

4th place: Trey - 3 points

5th place: Mom - 2 points

6th place: Dad - 1 point


Yahtzee has always been a family favorite & we have kept tons of scoresheets over the years, which are fun to look back at -- especially because I was constantly writing things like “I <3 Hanson” all over them. It really is a weirdly sentimental thing though because we have sheets that my late grandparents took their Yahtzee scores on and some of them have little notes about what we were doing or where we all were when we were playing. This year we had tons of Yahtzees, which was amazing because Sarah and I both had quite a few of them. Kyle was not so thrilled with this as we were, especially since he (and Trey) didn’t end up fairing very well in this game…

1st place: Ashley - 6 points

2nd place: Sarah - 5 points

3rd place: Mom - 4 points

4th place: Dad - 3 points

5th place: Kyle - 2 points

6th place: Trey - 1 point

So far we’ve only really played Kyle’s choice & 1 extra game so there is still a long way to go! We each pick a game & we typically play 2 extra games that are quick and easy to mix things up a little bit so we still have about 6 more games to play! We also are awaiting the final results of our fantasy football league, but Mom & I will be filling out the bottom two slots since we didn’t make the playoffs. I had a rough fantasy year. My team was cursed with injury and I blame Le’Veon Bell for ruining my chances from the start.

So far though, here’s what the standings look like…

1st place: Ashley

2nd place: Kyle & Sarah (but tie always goes to the wife, right?)

4th place: Trey

5th place: Dad

6th place: Mom

I mean… I wouldn’t be terribly upset if we ended the games right now & I could just claim the Nutcracker trophy. I’m sure no one else would have any problems with it either, right?

I’m sure many of you are wondering how we plan to incorporate the newest members of our family into the tradition. We’re thinking that there will be a separate kids’ Reindeer Games until they turn 15 and once they are “of age”, their first Reindeer Games will be like a rite of passage into adulthood! We can’t wait until they are old enough to have their mini-games -- it will be so cute!