Advent 2018

Thanksgiving is in exactly one week which means we are getting very close to the season of Advent! While we will be focusing on Thanksgiving, we wanted to go ahead and share a few recommendations for Advent resources so that you can get them ordered before Advent begins!

Not familiar with Advent? Or want to know more? Read our Celebrating Advent post from last year!

Now, here are a few of our favorite study guides & resources for observing this season leading up to Christmas…

Sacred Holidays

Sarah & I both completed Sacred Holiday’s Advent guide last year & this year they have actually come out with two different guides, For All & He Is! Both are absolutely beautiful & we know they will both be incredible resources to guide you through this season. For All focuses on the Christmas narrative that began in the garden, continued through the Old Testament prophecies, and occurred in the New Testament characters and locations. He Is focuses on the attributes of God & celebrating those attributes.

IF Gathering

This year’s IF Gathering advent study is called, Behold. The study will help you focus on the significance of Christmas helps us focus on the significance of Christmas. It will guides you through Old Testament prophecy and New Testament fulfillment, demonstrating the faithful gifts of peace, healing, hope, and freedom that Jesus has given us. These gifts help us to wait well, with expectancy.

She Reads Truth

This year’s She Reads Truth study is Until the Son of God Appears, which is a four-week reading plan through the biblical anticipation of Jesus and the majesty of His arrival. You will read through familiar stories in anticipation and celebration, remembering our great need and rejoicing in Jesus’s birth.  

The Village Church

Both Sarah and I used to be covenant members at The Village Church before moving to our houses two years ago, however we still absolutely love The Village & love to listen to sermons and look through their resource library! They always put out incredible Advent guides & our small group will actually be going through the Advent guide they put out last year, The Birth of Christ. We love their studies because they have personal study questions along with family discipleship time!

How are you planning on celebrating the Advent season? Are you going to use a specific study? Do you have any traditions surrounding Advent? Let us know below!