Baby L's Baby Shower!

Although our shower was a couple weeks ago, I am still reflecting on just how special that day really was to me. I wanted to share with you all the beauty that was my shower and also just share my thankfulness to everyone who has been loving on me and my baby girl so well and supporting our little family.


I had been looking forward to our baby shower for so long and whenever people would ask me about if I was feeling ready for the baby I would say yes, but that I just couldn’t wait for the shower. One of my favorite things in the world is when all of “your people” from different walks of life, family, church, college, high school, work all come together in one space. It’s such a unique experience to have so many people that you love in one room together to celebrate a special moment in your life. There truly is nothing like it, and it just reminds me of how good our God is to put so many great people in my life. I’m also just so grateful that although we do still have a lot of things to do before she get here, it’s pretty amazing that she could be here now because we are all set with so many of our great baby items. Oh, and not to mention she will be the cutest most stylin’ little baby girl because we got the world’s most adorable baby clothes. Who doesn’t want to buy clothes for a baby girl?!


Also, I am super thankful for this little community we’ve been able to create of people who love and support Ashley and I in prayer and in encouragement as we enter into this season of life.  I have felt so truly celebrated and supported in pregnancy and my baby shower was such a sweet, sweet day that I will cherish. I am so grateful that our favorite photographer Aubrey of The Three Photography was there to capture some of the details from the shower and also to snap a couple photos of me too! I decided that I didn’t particularly want to take maternity photos (mostly because I just really want to splurge on tons of pictures on baby girl when she gets here!), so it was great to get a couple photos on the day of the shower.


Ashley and my mother-in-law are pretty stinking good at planning events and showers, and this day was no different, it was seriously out of a dream! Everything was just so beautiful and it set the tone for such a beautiful morning. I don’t know about you all, but tables overflowing with delicious brunch and breakfast food make me extremely happy (maybe those are the pregnancy cravings talking).  Another special part of our shower was that our favorite florist Holly Viles who did the flowers for mine and Ashley’s weddings also came and brought the most gorgeous flowers for the shower. I told Ashley when I found out I was having a baby girl that I wanted a flower crown for my baby shower, it’s just not every day that you are able to wear flowers on your head that make you feel a little like a princess. Holly created a flower crown for my wedding, and I knew that she would be able to create the most perfect flower crown for the shower and she definitely did! Sometimes it’s the little details that just make everything that much more special.


I also wanted to share some of my favorite items that I registered for here! Although I know I haven’t gotten to use any of these item yet, they have mostly all come highly recommended and I’ve done a lot of research to create a registry that would be not only cute (because all baby stuff is just so cute) but also functional for our family.

Hope you all enjoy some of the pictures from the shower, and maybe it’ll even give you some inspiration if you’re planning to shower a special mama soon!


I’d love to know what your favorite registry items were or your must-have baby items that you received at your shower!