Nursery Inspiration

We are in the final countdown for Conley’s arrival & will be sharing her nursery reveal on the blog soon, however, Collins’s nursery will be a work in progress over the next several months so I thought I would just share a little bit of a sneak peak into the inspiration behind it in the meantime!

Side note: For those of you non-moms, we promise that we are going to share something non-baby related soon, we just have major baby fever with Conley’s due date being this week & with Trey & I just finding out we’re having a girl!

So, with the pregnancy insomnia that I’ve been experiencing, I have had the tendency to stay up until the wee hours of the morning looking through Pinterest & Instagram like a crazy person. I was struggling to find just what I wanted, but I finally found some inspiration from Jillian Harris’s house. I really wish my entire house could look like hers & if you don’t follow her on Instagram, you totally should. Anyways, I found a couple photos on her feed — specifically of her bedroom — that sparked my creative juices flowing and I was able to really narrow in on what I was wanting! Here are a few of the photos that I found on her Instagram

It was exactly what I was looking for! While I definitely want baby girl to have some pink in her room, I also really wanted there to be some little pops of blue & gold. I also love the combination of the white and the cream with little bits of grey, as well! Again, if anyone wants to just buy me everything in her house, I would love it. So after doing some googling & a few visits to Pottery Barn kids, I was able to narrow down what I was wanting & even have been able to get a few things ordered for the nursery! Here is my little inspiration board…

Simply Sisters Co - Collins Nursery Inspiration.jpg

Some of the items above are the exact items that I have already or will be ordering from the nursery, but some of them I’m still looking for! For example, that Anthropologie mirror is to die for, but I’m trying to find something a little more cost effective! Also, the Pottery Barn chandelier is a bit big for the room so I am on the lookout for something as close to that as possible, just smaller! (Feel free to let me know if you find either of those!)

For the Pottery Barn chair, this is not the exact chair we will be using, but it is the pattern. Basically, the chair that we wanted did not come in this fabric. (Cue the heartbreak after spending two hours in the store figuring out exactly what I wanted!) However, we figured out that we can get it for about the same price if we just order the fabric from Pottery Barn (yes, you can do this!) and order the chair we wanted in the cheapest fabric available and just get it recovered. Basically, we’re just doing things the hard way! But hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get what you want!

We’re also adding in some little touches of dusty lavender & some light blue throughout the room. I’ve included below links to the items that we have already or are purchasing & some of the items that we have added to our Babylist registry! Just click the photo to be taken to the link!