Baby Watten 20 Week Bumpdate


I cannot believe we are already at the halfway point of the pregnancy. In some ways it has flown by and in other ways it feels like I have been pregnant for a year! So much has happened in the last couple weeks, but I will back up a little bit and give you a run down on how things have been since we announced around 12 weeks that we were pregnant.

Weeks 13-15

I was still struggling a lot with “morning” sickness & felt pretty terrible for the most part. I was starting to get a tiny bit of relief but still was not feeling well most days. Around this time is when I got to throw Sarah’s shower, but other than that it was honestly just kind of just a nausea-filled blur!

I also was still really struggling with a lot of fear and anxiety at this point. We had made it into the “safer” part of pregnancy, but I still just didn’t feel like we were far enough along to feel “safe”. But even now, writing this post at almost 20 weeks, I’m still battling anxiety. I think it’s just preparation for being a mom because I will always be inclined to worry about them.


Week 16

Finally! Some relief from the sickness. From this point on, as long as I could keep my stomach full I felt pretty good! Right around 16 weeks I started feeling some flutters but I thought for sure that it was way too early to be feeling anything, but as the weeks have gone on, I became a lot more certain that it was the baby moving around. Baby W is quite the mover & at every ultrasound they comment on how much she moves and wiggles!

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, the morning sickness may have gone but the need to get up and pee about 3-4 times a night began & the pregnancy insomnia started. I’m still struggling with falling asleep at night & sometimes really struggle with going back to sleep after getting up to pee!

Week 17

I had a midwife appointment and they used the fetal doppler to measure the heart rate and it was 160, which according to the wives tails indicates a girl! I was so confused at this point as to what I thought the gender was. I had been pretty certain it was a boy until I started having dreams it was a girl & then I would go back and forth almost every hour but was definitely leaning more towards boy! Here is what the old wives tails said about the gender…

Morning Sickness:  GIRL

Cravings: BOY

Chinese Calendar: GIRL

Baby’s Heartbeat: GIRL

Sleeping side: BOTH (I roll a lot!)

Mood: GIRL

Headaches: GIRL

Hands: BOY

Daddy’s weight: GIRL

Pregnancy glow or no: GIRL

We spent most of week 17 counting down the minutes until our anatomy scan!

Week 18

Finally! This is the week we had been waiting for & I was seriously counting down the minutes/hours until we’d know the gender! I originally didn’t think I would want to know the gender, but after our miscarriage earlier this year, it changed my feelings quite a bit. I really wanted to be able to know & bond with this baby as much as I could as quickly as I could. I felt like knowing the gender would help with this. Also, I have heard from some people that when they don’t find out the gender but are convinced it is one or another that they kind of have to grieve the loss of that child if it doesn’t turn out to be the gender they were convinced of. I just don’t think my heart could have handled that to be honest. 

We had our anatomy scan on Friday afternoon & so the whole week seemed to drag by! When it was finally time, Sarah accompanied us to the ultrasound. I absolutely love ultrasounds. It is just so fun & also so comforting to watch little baby W dance around on the screen. At every single ultrasound we have had, the midwives or the techs have commented on how much she moves. She literally does not hold still for any length of time. Trey is terrified that this means that we are going to have a hyperactive child. We got to see a lot in this ultrasound but whenever the tech was worried the surprise might be ruined, Trey & I closed our eyes but Sarah got to watch the whole thing! Once they revealed the gender to her, she left & went to go fill up the balloon for the gender reveal! Her and the ultrasound tech were the only two who knew the gender for about 3 hours!

After our appointment, we headed home and started welcoming our family & friends who we were so thankful took time out of their Friday nights to come celebrate with us. It really meant the world to us! These are some of the people that have loved us, prayed for us, cried with us, and celebrated with us over the past couple years so we appreciated everyone being there so much!

When it was finally time & everyone was here, we popped the balloon & IT WAS A GIRL! You can watch the video here!


Week 19

Since then, we have started doing some shopping & nursery planning and it is all starting to feel really real! We’re having a dresser delivered next Wednesday and since we haven’t cleared out the nursery yet, I’m not quite sure where we are going to put it! Looks like we might be moving some furniture this weekend!

Trey & I also officially landed on a name for baby girl. Her name will be…

Collins Elizabeth

I have loved the name Collins for a long time & it has been at the top of my list since we first found out we were pregnant. There’s not really a special meaning behind it other than the fact that we love the name! Elizabeth is my middle name and was my paternal grandma’s name. I’ve always loved my middle name & wanted to pass it along to a daughter one day! It’s just crazy to me that that day is finally here!