Our Favorite Marriage Books

With all the pregnancy stuff going on in both of our lives, it can be really easy to put your marriage on the back burner. When you’re pregnant you don’t feel good, your hormones are running rampant, and you just want to go to sleep about 90% of the day. We know it’s only going to get more difficult to keep our marriage a priority when we have little nuggets running around & regardless of what your current season of life, it can be easy to not focus on your marriage.

We wanted to just share a quick list of some of our very favorite marriage books!

Some of these are traditional marriage books, but we also included our favorite Enneagram books. Learning about our Enneagrams has transformed our marriages and the way that we all understand each other! We highly recommend reading them if you haven’t yet!

You can find read Trey & I’s story here and Kyle & Sarah’s story here! If you’re interested in marriage related posts, I also wrote a post about three questions Trey & I like to ask each other to foster communication and connection in our marriage. You can read that post here!

Want more book recommendations? Check out our book list!

What are your favorite marriage book recommendations? Leave them for us in the comments below!